Definitive guide to the holidays of your life: Discover 7 top tours in Porto Seguro

What does a perfect trip means to you? There are those who want only beach, sun and tranquility. Others that prioritize the parties, the drinks and the movement. While others crave cultural and historical attractions.

That’s it! Considered a coastal paradise in Brazil, the city is a spectacle and offers programs for all tastes.

So if you are in doubt to choose your next destination, give it a go! What you are looking for will be on our list with 7 sensational walking tips in Porto Seguro. Let’s go?


Nothing better than starting our guide of unforgettable tours in Porto Seguro with a suggestion of adventure, right? The quad bikes are sensational for experienced and inexperienced driver.

The vehicle is very simple to drive and does not require any previous experience with a motorbike or the like. Thus, it is possible to get to know several beaches of the region without having to worry about the climatic oscillations.

You can visit the beaches of Arraial D’Ajuda, Caraíva, Taípe, Trancoso and much more. Jaqueira’s own indigenous reserve can also be included in its route.

So you can mix strong emotions with the chance to break through spectacular natural scenery. For sure, this one of the best tours in Porto Seguro!


Do you want to go on a historical tour in Porto Seguro? So take time to get to know the Jaqueira Reserve! It is a place with 32 families from the Pataxó tribe engaged in sustainable tourism.

Therefore, you will find indigenous in typical costumes and turned to show their customs, traditions and rituals. So you can learn more about the tribe, hunting, fishing, hollows and even participate in trails in the native forest.

If you wish, you will have your face painted and will attend the traditional dances and songs of the Pataxó people. And why not take a dip in the river and stay overnight at the place? The experience is unforgettable!


Among the best tours in Porto Seguro, there is a sensational program for those who love water and adrenaline. The Eco Park located in the district of Arraial D`Ajuda on Mucugê beach, considered one of the best on the planet in 2014! Want to be sure? Just watch the video!

This is not a simple water park, no! Therefore, you can enjoy the water slides, zip lines, climbing, abseiling, playground, volleyball court, sand soccer and quad biking on ecological trail and musical events.

The Eco Park also has wave pools up to one meter in height and a 246 meter long swimming pool with currents similar to the rivers! Incredible, isn’t it?

For the more leisurely visitors, there are game pools and the Oribá Lagoon with various activities and even kayak trips.


Who is in Porto Seguro some walking tips are indispensable, right? Note this name in your calendar: Coroa Alta Marine Park.

After all, this place has a great diversity of corals and a huge sandbar.

In addition, the corals have a lot of beauty, thousands of colors and can be observed due to the transparency of the waters. Therefore, Coroa Alta is an incredible place to practice diving even at low tide.

This condition makes people with or without experience able to participate in activities. And without a doubt, observing all the wonders of the sea floor is something special.


Humpback whale watching needs to be on this list with the best tours in Porto Seguro. After all, there are not many places in Brazil and in the world that offer something so fantastic!

The mammals leave Antarctica and travel thousands of miles to mate and breed on the coast of Bahia. So it is possible to take a boat trip in Porto Seguro to see these marine animals up close.

The fact is that this experience is transformative and allows you to get even closer to the environment.

Since hunting the humpbacks became banned, the species managed to increase significantly and move away from the risk of extinction. And the edge of Porto Seguro is a privileged place to admire these animals in the natural habitat!


As quoted in the previous topic, the possibility of re-approaching nature is always worth it, isn’t it? What if you still managed to mend a dive in Porto Seguro?

melhores passeios em Porto Seguro

That’s it! Among the unforgettable walks in Porto Seguro, you can dive in the crystal clear and beautiful waters of the bahian coast. And the best part is that this experience can be accomplished by those who have already dived or never experienced it before!

melhores passeios em Porto Seguro

You can’t refuse this opportunity, right?


The first place in the list of the best tours in Porto Seguro is very well represented with Recife de Fora. But, people of all age groups and styles tend to enjoy this program by boat or schooner!

The atmosphere is sensational and you can get to know natural pools with warm and transparent waters. And of course, you can go down to take a dip and check the movement of hundreds of colorful species of fish, seaweed and mollusks.

The Marine Park of Recife de Fora is only five kilometers from the coast and is one with a rich marine life preserved. At this point it is possible to get off the boat and dive into shallow water.

Aren’t you going to get wet? This also an activity to relax, talk and admire the beauty around you. The sun, the sea, the breeze and the great variety of species!


So far you have found seven sensational reasons to pack up and leave immediately for the coast of Bahia, right?

But it does not end here, no! We have other great news to give you: 10% off on these programs and many others in Porto Seguro!

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