Jaqueira Reservation: a return to the colonial period in order to value the indigenous culture

Are you planning a trip, but this time you’re also expecting to live a totally new experience?

In this case, the 800 hectares of native woods and indigenous homes distributed all along the Jaqueira Reservation will impress you! Everything in the village is built considering the original constructions at the colonial period.

You don’t have to worry about a thing. The village based in Porto Seguro is totally engaged with the purpose of developing everything in a sustainable fashion. In this case, tourists are always welcome to watch their festivities and to see how they dress up.

Besides that, you may also try to practice archery, to buy crafting pieces from the tribe and also go on ecological trails. This is not everything! The integration with the Pataxós in Porto Seguro encompasses the participation on rituals, body painting and trying the typical gastronomy.

Do you like the idea? Then this texts was made for you. Check all the informations in order to know the Jaqueira Reservation, to prove the fish that is baked in a patioba leaf and also to spend the night in the village. Isn’t it a nice programming? You can do all this without being afar from the city.

How do you get to participate in the Jaqueira Reservation tour?

Your experience in the Jaqueira Reservation will begin at the parking lot, since everyone is received by pataxó indigenous that will take the person or the group to the village.

The walk is short, but it serves to get familiar with the place climate.

However, you must not expect to see indigenous people walking in full nudity or individuals that have never seen technology. No way! The immersion environment is a result of the Reservation’s purpose of praising the Pataxó culture and showing their diversity to the tourist.

Then, you will be able to meet a truly indigenous habitation. In this village at Porto Seguro you may see two types of homes: choças and Kijemas. Your guide, also a member of the tribe, will tell you details about their traditions and rituals. Taking this into consideration, be sure to pay attention in everything.


Activities with the indigenous in Porto Seguro

The next step of the day is meeting the pajé, i.e., the spiritual leader and healer of the tribe. Have you ever heard about it in school? This is the time to see everything in practice and live. Besides that, you will also know what are the plants and herbs that can be used to produce medicaments.

Afterwards, the tourist is invited to participate of a tour inside the woods You don’t have to worry about it, since you will be properly accompanied and you are going to have fun taking a look at everything from so close. For instance, you will be able to check which are the tools and traps the tribe members use to hunt.

That’s not everything! You might have your face painted, eat the fish in the patioba leaf and also refresh a little bit with a river bath. And why not taking a Pataxó souvenir with you?

It is worth mentioning that the Jaqueira Reservation was created in 1998 by three indigenous sisters. Since the, the local has been realizing a relevant work educationally and culturally.

The effort is made with the goal of making the visitors to comprehend and to value the indigenous worth and the sustainable development. These are concepts that they convey in lectures and cultural presentations. After living all this, it is possible to prolong the experience by staying overnight at the Ppataxó village.


Pataxó games in Porto Seguro

In case you’re really lucky when scheduling your trip, you may have the opportunity to enjoy some of the Pataxó games. We’re talking about competitions where indigenous from several villages and from the Jaqueira Reservation. However, these games do not happen in a fixed period of the year, so is a case of luck coming to Porto Seguro at the same time.

However, here’s a good tip: check when the games are happening before scheduling the trip so you won’t lose an experience like this. Thus, you will participate of a fantastic indigenous confraternization and from it you will take a cultural richness that will stick with you forever.

Are you still curious about the Pataxó games? We clear up more points for you! You will have the opportunity to watch for free the following competitions:

  • tug of war
  • archery
  • zarabatana
  • log race
  • wrestling
  • tacape flips
  • among many others


How do you get at Reserva da Jaqueira?

The truth is that the Jaqueira Reservation may be found if you come by the BR-367 road if you take it in direction to Santa Cruz Cabrália. The place stays only 2 kilometers away from the shore and houses 32 families that display their habits and rituals to the tourists.

Basically, you might know more about the region’s history, learn some words in the patxobá language, make trails and so much more! In other words, this is a ride option that is nice for kids, teens, adults and old people. Do you want to take a look?

Another interesting point in that this program can be done in any time of the year. This is different compared to other activities that you could do in Porto Seguro since them may suffer with weather change.


Do you want other reason to schedule your trip to Porto Seguro right away?

If just in case you make your reservations directly with Quinta do Sol you will receive a discount. That’s right! You’re taking a high level accomodation near to Porto Seguro airport and, as a result, you will get a discount in some of the tours.

Therefore, you will get an excellent cost-benefit considering the hotel and your travel itinerary . When visiting the Jaqueira Reservation or any other tour in the region of Porto Seguro, you will get 10% of discount and other benefits like parceling out the value in the credit card and paying nothing if you change your mind.

Definitely, there’s no reason for you not to schedule your visit to the Jaqueira Reservation right now, isn’t it? You won’t regret it!

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