Porto Seguro Bahia: The Definitely Complete Guide

Porto Seguro, in Bahia, is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

The exuberance of natural landscapes, the wealth of historical and cultural heritage, the delights of Bahian cuisine, the warm rhythms of music and dance, the infrastructure of lodging and leisure and the friendliness of the people make Porto Seguro one of the most visited tourist destinations from northeast.

At any time of year, Porto Seguro is an incredible place to spend the long weekend, vacation or enjoy the carnival.

If in Bahia, it’s party every day, Porto Seguro, without doubt, is the right point. The calendar of official events is scheduled for all months of the year. It’s 365 days of fun.

Porto Seguro was founded on June 30, 1534, and is part of the Historic Site of the Discovery.

The territory has 2,287 km ² and the population is approximately 140 thousand inhabitants. The city is in the extreme south of Bahia, 707 km from Salvador.

As if the natural beauty of the place was not enough, from July to November, Porto Seguro receives humpback whales for a breathtaking spectacle.

In this post you will find several tips on what to do in Porto Seguro: historical centers, best beaches, best sightseeing tours and the famous beach huts of Porto Seguro Bahia. Enjoy this trip!

History of Porto Seguro

It is because of Porto Seguro that Brazil became known as the land Tupiniquim, indigenous population that inhabited the region when the first Portuguese landed their caravels on South American soil in the year 1500.

In this area the first housing nucleus of the country was erected in 1535. Until then, the king of Portugal was more interested in the Eastern commercial routes and only at this time decided to look to the west and to invest in the new lands discovered by Cabral decades before.

Many buildings erected at this time remain well preserved, which is why the historical center of Porto Seguro is an essential visit for any lover of the history of Brazil and the time of great navigations.

The whole historic center has been considered as National Heritage since 1973 by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) and has also been recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity since 2000.

Historical Points of Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro breathes history, and as soon as the visitor arrives in the historic center, in the upper part of the city, he feels as if he had entered a time machine.

There are monuments, such as the Landmark of Discovery, which have been there for more than 500 years and can be observed in the smallest details.

It is worth visiting the area both during the day, when the buildings are open for visitation, and at night, when they can be seen from outside under the effect of special lighting and also the light of the moon and stars.

You will soon realize that there are plenty of churches to enjoy.

Mother Church of Our Lady of Sorrow

The Mother Church Nossa Senhora da Pena, for example, is the first of the country dedicated to the patron saint of the city and houses a collection of sacred images of the past centuries.

Church of Our Lady of Mercy

There is also the Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia Church and the Church of São Benedito, the latter erected by the Jesuits.

House of the House and Chain

A short distance away is Casa da Câmara and Cadeia, one of the most beautiful buildings in the center, where the Museu do Descobrimento currently operates.

The region also has several colonial houses, all very colorful and charming, where residents of Porto Seguro live in homes listed by IPHAN.

Memorial Epic of Discovery

For those who like the narratives about the great navigations, the tip is the Epic Memorial of Discovery, which is on the beach of Cruzeiro.

In addition to a park of native plants and a small museum, the tour takes the visitor to an indigenous Pataxó hollow and walks inside a full-size replica of the boat Cabral and his crew used to travel to Porto Seguro in 1500.

The tour is done with a local guide of Porto Seguro of the Pataxó tribe.

To enjoy the visit of the old part of the city, there is a tour guided by the main places in the history of the discovery of Brazil: the Route of Discovery.

In it, the visitor is taken to some of the main tourist attractions of Porto Seguro, which includes the entire historical center, the Memorial of Discovery, Coroa Vermelha and the church where the first Mass was recited in Brazil.

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Historic center

The Historical Center of Porto Seguro was registered by Iphan, in 1973, as National Historic Patrimony. In 2000, it was recognized by Unesco as Natural Heritage of Humanity.

On the site, there are imposing buildings of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, such as the Marco de Descobrimento, brought by Pedro Álvares Cabral; the churches Nossa Senhora da Pena, Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia, São Benedito and the House of Chamber and Chain, which houses the Porto Seguro Museum.

It’s a must-see. The historical atmosphere is contagious, an invitation to the past of Brazil from the time of the Discovery and the colonial period.

Alcohol Footbridge

The Passarela do Álcool is one of the most famous postcards in Porto Seguro.

Formed by seventeenth-century colonial houses, the Passarela sits on the bar of the Buranhém River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The beauty of the place attracts thousands of tourists who find in Passarela do Álcool the delights of Bahian cuisine, the beauty of handicrafts and, of course, a lot of live music, dawn inside.

Discovery Memorial

The Epic Memorial of Discovery is on the seafront. It occupies an area of ​​20 thousand square meters, in the border of the Cruise, near the main clover of Porto Seguro.

The main attraction is the Nau Capitânia, replica of the boat that brought Pedro Álvares Cabral to Brazil.

In the main hall, are exposed objects, pieces and documents that tell the story of the Discovery of Brazil.

The tour guides are descendants of Pataxós Indians. There is also an Oca – indigenous accommodation, with objects and instruments used for hunting and fishing.

Square of Trancoso

The Square of Trancoso was built according to the Portuguese tradition, the Square of Trancoso is one of the highlights of the historical itinerary.

The church is in the center, around, forming the square, is the colonial house, very colorful.

Some properties are inhabited by natives, others function as famous brand stores, restaurants and crafts trade.

It is not difficult to find famous people there. Calm rides should be done during the day, because at night the place is a scene of much excitement, music and dancing.

Arraial D’Ajuda

The square was topped by Iphan. In the place, is the secular Mother Church of Our Lady of Ajax, built between 1549 and 1551; the colorful houses and leafy trees.

There tourists will find handicraft shops, cafes, bars and snack bars. Nothing like the delicious Bahian delicacies to close the tour in Largo D’Ajuda.

Mucugê Street

Rua do Mucugê is considered as “The most charming street in Brazil”, the sophistication of Mucugê, located in the center of Arraial d’Ajuda, an old fishing village, contrasts with the rustic landscapes of Porto Seguro.

The strong point is the gastronomic itinerary, besides excellent restaurants, the place is full of shops. The nightlife is pretty hectic.
For those who enjoy a quality ballad, Mucugê is the right address, full of themed bars, with rhythms for all tastes.

What to do in Porto Seguro Bahia

In addition to all this cultural and historical load, there is also a wide variety of tours in Porto Seguro, Bahia.

How to get to know some of the most beautiful beaches in the northeast, learn about the indigenous culture and sustainable development in the Jaqueira Indigenous Reserve.

Schooner and diving in the natural pools that form on the high seas in the Parque Marine Recife de Fora, dance classes in the beach complexes like Tôa Tôa and Axé Moi.

Take the ferry to Arraial d’Ajuda to get to know the village and Eco Park, among others. That is, there are no shortage of options to do in Porto Seguro.

To start the day, the tip is to visit the best beaches in Porto Seguro. For those who like natural beauty and bustle, Taperapuan Beach is the ideal destination.

Just 3km from Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel, on the North Shore, Taperapuan brings together the most popular beach clubs in the region, such as Axé Moi, Barramares and Tôa Tôa.

Taperapuan Beach

In these places the fun is guaranteed with the shows, dance classes, humor shows, activities and entertainers for children, as well as a lot of gastronomy, snacks and drinks, all without losing sight of the sea.

The spaces still count on parking and all the infrastructure for the visitor to enjoy their vacations.

But not only does Taperapuan live. The extensive shoreline also features less crowded spots where the tourist seeking quiet will come into contact with the beauty of this place of calm sea and white sands.

A little further, 10km from the center of Porto Seguro, Praia da Ponta Grande offers beautiful landscapes to enjoy and photograph. Besides being nice, it is also obligatory passage for those who go to the Red Crown.

Mirror Beach

Elected by the specialized media as the most beautiful beach in Brazil, the beach between Trancoso and Caraíva, noble site of Porto Seguro, is also known internationally.

When the tide is low, natural pools form. The beauty of the place is an invitation to walks and contemplation. A real paradise.

Learn more about Mirror Beach.

Curuipe Beach

Urbanized, this beach is embellished by trees typical of the Atlantic Forest. There are no coconut trees; in the upper part there is a grassy area.

The yellow coloration of the sand contrasts with the greenish tones of the sea, which receives the waters of the Buranhém River. Calm waters and reefs invite you to take a dip.

The beauty of the landscape is an added incentive for a good walk. Along the edge of Curuípe there are several stalls for food and drinks.

Taperapuan Beach

It is the busiest beach on the north shore of Porto Seguro. It is 8 km from Passarela do Álcool. In Taperapuan was born the lamba-aeróbica that conquered fans worldwide.

On this beach are the most famous tents, excellent restaurants and leisure complexes.

At low tide, the beach becomes a field for sports such as sand soccer, beach volleyball and coolbol. Shows and lots of entertainment stir the nightlife of Taperapuan.

Mutá Beach

Praia do Mutá is the last beach on the north coast of Porto Seguro, near the border with Santa Cruz Cabrália.

Quiet, cozy and full of natural beauty, such as mangroves and coconut trees. It is a stopping point for boats and schooners that lead to the High Crown.

The beach of Mutá is ideal for water sports.

Pitinga beach

Formed by a small cove with crystal clear waters, Pitinga Beach is famous for the multicolored cliffs. The tropical flora completes the beauty of the place, which has good structure of beach huts, which serve the traditional fish in the tile or the shrimp in the moranga. The Pitinga Beach is also sought after by paragliding jumpers.

Nativos Beach

For those who enjoy bustling beach, Natives is a hot spot all day. Beach clubs, bars, restaurants and tents form the infrastructure of Trancoso’s busiest beach. At night, the ballad has lots of electronic music and rhythms from Bahia.

Beach Huts Most Popular in Porto Seguro

That Porto Seguro is famous for its great seaside resorts everyone knows, is not it? To hear about Toa Toa, Axé Moi or Barramares is not difficult when talking about the destination of Porto Seguro.

But we want to show that Porto Seguro offers many other options as good or better than the three famous beach huts we mentioned above.

Below we will list the best beach huts in Porto Seguro.

From this list, with the selection we made of the best beach stalls you can choose which ones you identify better.

If you would like to know more about the beach huts please visit this article that we have prepared exclusively for this subject.

The 8 Best Beach Tents in Porto Seguro

Toa Toa

The Toa a Toa leisure complex is on Taperapuan beach, and is one of the busiest beach huts in the north of Porto Seguro.

The lick-aerobics still reigns supreme on the seaside stage. Tourists will find options such as banana boat, helicopter and parasail tours.

Toa Toa tent is held every week.

Axé Moi

Axé Moi is also situated on Taperapuan Beach. Entertainment is not lacking in this leisure complex by the sea.

On the stage with a view of the sea, dancers motivate the public to follow the rhythm of the ax, regardless of age, what really matters is the willingness to dance and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Axé Moi is a meeting point in New Year’s Eve, Carnaporto (after the official carnival) and October Folia.

Recanto do Sossego

If the idea is to eat well and in a paradisiacal place, the Recanto do Sossego tent is the right address.

The menu is diverse with typical dishes from Bahia, and the quality service makes of the place one of the most famous beach huts in Porto Seguro.

This Italian restaurant on the beach is almost arriving in Coroa Vermelha.

Colher de Pau

For two decades, the Spoon of Wood has been recognized for its quality of menu and service.

The rich Bahian cuisine, full of earthy spices, and the best of international cuisine, make the Pork Chop one of the main options of the gastronomic itinerary of Porto Seguro.

Manito Beach

The restaurant is still relatively new in Porto Seguro, but has already won the tourists’ palate.

It is located on the edge of one of the first beaches of Porto Seguro, Curuipe Beach.

It is worth experiencing the dishes served at Manito Beach.

Enjoy the best sightseeing in Porto Seguro

We have already talked about many great places to meet in Porto Seguro.

But now we’ll talk about some of the best sightseeing in the city.

As this article is a general local guide, we will not cover in depth or many details of the tours.

If you want to know more about the incredible tours that the region has to offer, visit our article about the 10 Best Tours in Porto Seguro.

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Eco Park

The Arraial d’Ajuda Eco Park is one of the largest Latin American water parks, with a structure similar to the international leisure complexes.

Part of the toys was imported from the same firm that equipped Disney. The Eco Water Park has a capacity of five thousand people.

The park has ample infrastructure for food and services, it is the ideal tour for the family, especially for children.

Marine Park Recife de Fora

The incredible schooner ride takes about an hour to navigate, but well worth it. The look of the path is breathtaking.

Better still are the natural pools, many of them preserved.

The program lasts on average four hours, two hours of return, and two hours to enjoy the natural wonders of the place.

Diving in Porto Seguro

If the terrestrial nature is already beautiful, imagine what it is possible to find under the waters of the sea of ​​Porto Seguro. The marine flora and fauna are stunning.

After receiving the instructions, the tourist can take the first supervised dive.

It is well worth diving in the waters of Porto Seguro, even if only for once in your life. It is an immense natural aquarium.

Mirror Beach

Praia do Espelho is the third most beautiful beach in Brazil, and it was named because the crystalline waters reflect the light of the sun and the moon.

Natural pools, multicolored cliffs and native vegetation delight visitors, the place is heavenly.

It is possible to go to Mirror Beach by car. Leave behind the problems to enjoy the beauty of the place


One of the points of this place is the famous Square of Trancoso, formed by the colonial house.

In the center is the district church. Discovered by the hippies of the 70’s, Trancoso is a very busy tourist destination.

It receives tourists from all over the world, who are dazzled by the historical and cultural scenery and natural beauties such as Praia dos Nativos.

Arraial d’Ajuda

District with less than 20 thousand inhabitants, Arraial d’Ajuda is another tour that is worth doing.

The final point of the program is the beach of Pitinga, but it is in this place that the tourist will know the most famous street of Brazil, Rua Mucugê.

High Crown

The Coroa Alta Marine Park is an immense sandbank, open to the public.

The schooner ride lasts about six hours, starting early; along the way the tourist can enjoy the waters of the sea or enjoy something very unusual, the mud bath.

It takes about an hour, starting from Santa Cruz de Cabrália.

Discovery Path

The historical importance of Porto Seguro could not be left out of the itinerary of unforgettable walks.

The tourist will visit the Memorial of Discovery, the replica of the Nau by Pedro Álvares Cabral, and a reserve of Pataxó Indians in the Coroa Vermelha, as well as the rich architectural, historical and cultural heritage of Brazil.

Get to know and love the Discovering Route, a complete historical city tour!

Jaqueira Reserve

In this indigenous village of the Pataxó tribe, the visitor will come into contact with the indigenous culture, in an area full of beauties of the Atlantic Forest.

The tour takes around two hours, depending on the mood and interest of the group.

Discover what life is like in Jaqueira Pataxó Indigenous Village.

Travel tips

The area is hot all year round. However, while in summer the temperatures usually rise above 40ºC, the winter is milder.

It is not uncommon for websites such as weather weather to miss out on the weather here for Porto Seguro.

It is always valid to look at the forecast before you travel, but know that often they miss.

The good news is that most of the time they anticipate rain and this does not occur.

On the contrary, it ends up making a sunny day with Brigadier sky.

New Year’s Eve in Porto Seguro

The New Year’s Eve in Porto Seguro is very busy and trendy, with many options for parties to enjoy the night of the upturn and shows with national and international artists.

The most famous New Year’s Eve parties in Porto Seguro take place on the alcohol catwalk, also known as the discovery catwalk, and of course in the famous Axé Moi Arena.

In the region around Porto Seguro, as Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso also happen great parties.

Carnival of Porto Seguro

The Carnival in Porto Seguro is also a unique and lively celebration.

Therefore, in these two moments the best hotels in Porto Seguro are usually unavailable, and it is advisable to plan ahead to guarantee your place!
But if you do not want to know the region in the high season, stay connected in the promotions for Porto Seguro during the year.

In low season, it is possible to find hotel packages and the best tours of Porto Seguro Bahia with great prices.

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How to get to Porto Seguro

The main access to the city is by the BPS International Airport of Porto Seguro or the BR-101 and BR-367. For those arriving by bus, the main terminals are the bus station of Porto Seguro and Eunápolis (60km).

Did you like these tourist tips from Porto Seguro? Share and enjoy the information to organize your travel itinerary!

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