5 Reasons to visit Toa Toa in Porto Seguro

Are you planning a trip to Porto Seguro, in Bahia, and still don’t know what to do or where to begin? No problem! Find out five reasons to visit the Tôa Tôa leisure complex and put it on script on the first day. Here’s a tip: Toa Toa is the place where every tourist should stop to eat, drink, sing, dance and be thankful for the opportunity of getting to know   one of the heavens on earth.  


Tôa Tôa is located by the sea. That is enough by its own. There is nothing better than spending the day appreciating a paradisiac landscape, isn’t that right? The white beach sand, blue ocean and green coconut trees make up a picture of exuberant nature.   

Therefore, before or after enjoying the delicious meals and festive attractions of the Tôa Tôa, the recommendation is to stop for a while, take a deep breath and feel the wind in your face. Then along, go to the beach, take photos to keep these moments in memory and take a bath in the warm and clear typical waters of the region. But, be aware: for safety matters, inform yourself with the local population about the strength of the sea flowing and height of the waves in the day.


The Tôa Tôa bar is located in Taperapuan beach. Considered one of the best beaches in Bahia, it is also the longest in the area. It is no wonder that is the most targeted by tourists who visit Porto Seguro! 

Besides its beauty, good part of its fame it’s own by the easy access to the center and to another close beaches. Many of the tours here can be done by foot or even with local public transport.  

Another advantage is the proximity that the establishment is from the airport and the hotel region. The Quinta do Sol hotels are less than 3km of distance form the Tôa tôa, in Curuípe beach (only five minutes by car), therefore, guaranteeing rest period and necessary comfort after a long day of fun.


The Tôa Tôa is consecrated by residents and visitors as it attracts all audiences and pleases the gastronomic and musical tastes of children, adolescents and adults who pass by the place. The show happens at the table and also in music. While the restaurant shows a menu with a variety of typical dishes, on stage dancers teach choreographies of the main hits of the moment.

Learn choreographies of the hits at Tôa Tôa, in Porto Seguro (BA). 

For those who search a typical experience from the place, the place offers a luau every Tuesday. This is a weekly event and counts with music, dance, thematic decoration, table with fruits, beyond brinks and beverages. The access costs R$60 and can be purchased from accredited vendors, hotel receptions or at the party. When purchasing the ticket, the customer receives a themed abadá.

Finally, the Tôa Tôa complex is also a very searched destination to New Year’s Eve parties, such as the pre-New Year’s Eve and the New Year’s Eve celebration. The 2019 edition featured the Parangolé band show, open bar service, fireworks, 180 degree stage and VIP and premium staterooms.


Being a very touristic visited point, the prices of food and drinks served are considered reasonable and even cheaper than other bars in Porto Seguro. The service is done by friendly waiters serving hearty and tasty portions. Oh, you do not have to pay to get into the place, just the consummation.


Tôa Tôa is more than a beach tent. As the name implies, it is a leisure complex with recreational activities, such as dance and games, during the day and at night. The area includes stage, dance floor with singers and dancers guaranteeing a fun time to everyone. The restaurant and bar have and extensive area with a tasteful decoration and filled with chairs, tables and hats for those who want to enjoy the sun, sea and music. The parking lot is also available for guests, although it is not free.

Now that you have day one in Porto Seguro planned, it’s time to book your stay at the Quinta do Sol hotels and prepare the suitcase for and unforgettable and fun trip.

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