Coroa Vermelha and other paradises in Santa Cruz Cabrália

Know what Coroa Vermelha has the best!

The south of Bahia is full of beautiful places, paradisiacal, charming and unforgettable.

Sun for long periods of the year, blue sky, reefs, corals, transparent seas, colorful fish and different from those that inhabit other beaches of Brazil, soft and white sands.

Santa Cruz Cabrália is not an exception – it is also beautiful, very rich in fauna, flora and natural beauty in general, and worth the visit just for its visual. However, the region has an extra charm.

It was there, in that region, that the history of the country began. This is because it is proven that this was the point at which the expedition of Pedro Álvares Cabral docked his ships and landed on April 22, 1500.

The exact point where this happened was where Coroa Vermelha beach is located, which is 8km from Santa Cruz Cabrália and 17km from Porto Seguro – the equivalent of a half hour drive.

It was also there that the first Mass was celebrated in the history of Brazil, and today, a cross demarcates the site of this event as a symbolic landmark.

Today, in addition to the historical load, Coroa Vermelha also brings together a series of tourist attractions and leisure options for tourists to have an unforgettable experience.

One of the differentials of Santa Cruz Cabrália is its landscape, which, besides the natural beauties, also has a hint of history.

Besides the blue sky, soft sand and beautiful sea, the city also has a rustic architecture that works like a trip in time.
The Historical City, for example, has a series of buildings that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, including the Church of Our Lady of Conception, which stands at one of the highest points of the city, guaranteeing a beautiful and ideal view to take beautiful photos.

Another interesting tourist point is the chain, which has the original grills and some objects and artifacts of the time. Recommended tour for anyone who is a fan of Brazilian history or want to know a little more about the origins of the country!

Day in Coroa Vermelha

Still in the historical footprint, Coroa Vermelha is a very special tourist point in this sense.

The beach of Coroa Vermelha was the scene of the discovery of Brazil, and this echoes in every corner of the place.

There is a symbolic cross that marks the exact place where the first mass of the country, still called Santa Cruz Island, was celebrated by the Portuguese bishop Henrique de Coimbra on May 6, 1500, a Sunday.

The religious event was eternalized in one of Pero Vaz de Caminha’s letters, which tells that Pedro Álvares Cabral was also present.

Besides the historical aspects, Coroa Vermelha stands out for its tranquility in every way. The beach has a much smaller circulation of tourists compared to other places in the area.

The sea follows the same atmosphere, with very calm waters for most of the year. There is also the formation of natural swimming pools on site, which are ideal for bathing and snorkeling.

Things to Do in Coroa Vermelha

For all its historic vibe, Coroa Vermelha also has other fun arrangements for the whole family. The beach of Coroa Vermelha is, in the region and its surroundings, one of which has the largest number of tents.

The tents, common throughout the southern coast of Bahia, offer a structure of leisure and fun for tourists.

Most of them serve chunks and portions of seafood. If you go through the region, be sure to look for the crab legs, which are delicious, high quality and some of the highlights of Coroa Vermelha.

The section near the symbolic cross, which accurately marks the place where the mass celebrated by Henrique de Coimbra took place, is also full of hotels and inns, where there is, besides a lot of hospitality and quality service, a series of wonderful restaurants that are also open to the public that is not hosted in these environments.
Coroa Vermelha is also a great place to buy gifts, decorations and souvenirs from the trip.

There are many shops and craft stalls.

Most handicraft items and objects are produced by the Pataxó Indians, who live in the Paqueta de Jaqueira Reserve in Porto Seguro, which is also a national reference in ecotourism and is open to the public through bookings and excursions.
The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel, located in Porto Seguro, offers some special packages for walks in the indigenous village.

Tour in historic points in Santa Cruz Cabrália

For those who enjoy historical tours, the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel in Porto Seguro also offers some tours and special conditions.

One of them, offered by the hotel’s exclusive travel agency, is the popular Discovery Route, a unique travel package in the region.

The itinerary differential, which includes transfer out of the hotel door in the early hours of the morning, is the route through all the main points in the history of the discovery of Brazil.

Many of them are in the region of Santa Cruz Cabrália. The Coroa Vermelha beach, as the ground zero of the discovery of the country, logically could not be left out.

According to the options made by the customer, it is also possible to include meals in the package.
The tour is ideal for families, especially those with children and teenagers who, of school age, will have a rich cultural experience that will add much to the contents being studied in the school.

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