Rio Verde Beach: Tranquility and wonderful landscapes in Arraial

Everyone expects something different in their vacation, doesn’t it? But, what is your pretension this time: to enjoy the coast or the agitation of one of the main points of Brazil? If you need time to recharge, the Rio Verde Beach in Trancoso is the ideal destination!

This is because the Rio Verde beach is located on the border of Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso in Bahia. This beach is one of the least frequented by tourists, which leads to a quiet and peaceful location.

Do you want to spend your holidays quietly like this? So this article was made especially for you! So, you should follow the tips and relevant information in this guide on one of the most beautiful places in Trancoso! Come on?


Among the many beaches on the coast of Bahia, one of the quietest is actually the Rio Verde beach. This is because this is the last beach of Arraial towards Trancoso.

In addition, the region has coconut palms, trees and native vegetation on all sides. It is the perfect destination for those who wish to renew contact with nature and escape the madness of the big cities.

praia do Rio Verde

And how is the local sea? After all, when you pack your bags for the seaside you plan on taking a dip sooner or later, right?

Although the low tide makes the sea calmer, it is usually quite hectic. Therefore, this is not an ideal beach for bathing with children.

In the meantime there are beach tents and places on the sand for anyone to relax in this tropical paradise. Nice, is not it?

All ready to visit Rio Verde Beach? Then see how to get there and plan your vacation from now on!


Now that you’re already aware of the stunning potential of Rio Verde Beach, you need to know how to get there, right? Good, the access to the beach of the Green River is by the Old Road of Trancoso.

However, this route is quite bumpy. Although it is a very fast route, about 15 minutes, you have to pay close attention to the road.

The good news is that there are several parking lots around the area, but many tourists complain about the amounts charged there.

Additionally, they report that it is rare at times that parking attendants are on site late in the afternoon.

So, is it really worth leaving your own or rented vehicle at this location? It is important to note that the environment is considered safe.


As the Rio Verde beach is deserted, the greatest attraction is to explore nature while enjoying the quiet.

praia do Rio Verde

However, there are some attractions that need to be part of your travel itinerary. Let’s find out?


You can stroll along the rocks that stand on the sand and relax in the shadows of the coconut trees by the sea. Check out the scenery of the Rio Verde beach in the following video!


The sea is very clean and good for bathing. However, when the tide is high the waves are very intense.

In comparison to other beaches in Arraial, such as the Apaga Fogo Beach and the Rio da Barra Beach, for example, it is not recommended the bath for children.


When the tide is low, some natural pools form in the left corner near the rocks. It pays to enjoy this moment that occurs well in the morning.

Watch this video. It is impossible do not feel like staying all day at the Rio Verde beach!


Rio Verde beach has beach tents that serve food and drinks. Therefore, you have a very reasonable structure at your disposal.

According to reports in the tourism platforms, most establishments have good quality service.

The only detail is due to the prices charged, which vary considerably between low and high season.

But whoever wants to spend the whole day at the beach will have good options for eating and drinking within reach! Besides a lovely look on the edge of the beach, right?


If you are looking for quiet and wonderful scenery, the Rio Verde beach may be your best option.

For many tourists, this beach is considered the most beautiful in the region. So worth knowing!

It has booths for food and drink services, as well as great leisure and sports attractions for visitors.

As Rio Verde Beach is a very quiet place, you can choose to stay there.

For example, you can stay at Quinta do Sol Hotel, near to the airport, and take a tour of the region’s beaches. And during the night, you can enjoy all the hustle and bustle of the city.

That is, you have the ability to perfectly combine the tranquility amid nature preserved during the day. And come back to rest in a high-level hotel with lots of entertainment options at your disposal!

That sounds like a nice vacation plan, does not it? So organize your vacation and come relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia. Come to Rio Verde beach and check out amazing pictures in the following video!

This without giving up the comfort and the chance to meet so many other cool places in Bahia! Did you like our tips? Take advantage to share these tips on your social networks, maybe you encourage others to discover this paradise.

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