A Discreet Refuge awaits you on the Bay of Bahia! Discover All the Charms of Itapororoca Beach

Do you need a quiet spot for your next vacation? Consider including Praia de Itapororoca in Trancoso in your travel itinerary. Well, this is one of the must-see places for anyone who wants to get out of the fast paced routine.

Imagine the following scenario. With lots of green in its high area near the sand bordering the cream tint, the view is wonderful! Quiet and practically deserted. In addition, the beach serves as a meeting point for couples in love and people who just want to observe this natural beauty.


With green waters and strong waves, Itapororoca Beach in Bahia is suitable for lovers of surfing. Surfers can enjoy even during the coldest season of the year. Does that mean you can not dive in and try to cool off from the heat?

Of course not, you can get in the water, yes. However, it is recommended to take extra care with the children and not get too much into the ocean without company. After all, you do not want to take risks and take unnecessary scare, right?

And for tourists who do not make a point of diving in salt water? So there are two alternatives. You can hike through the sand and clear every inch of the beach or venture a little bit further. As well? Well, you can enjoy the wilderness trails kills in. But, pay attention always!


The Itapororoca Beach in Porto Seguro, in the southern region of the state of Bahia. The place has access through a walk of more than one hour from Coqueiros Beach. Seemed too far away? Calm! Well, this is the closest beach to the village. Is it not the ideal place for those who want to put their thoughts into days?

praia de itapororoca

Another possibility is to arrange a 40-minute walk along Rio Verde Beach. Car? The bad news is that you have no way to approach this place inside a car and there is even parking nearby.

So be aware that Itapororoca Beach is an alternative for those looking for something unique. And he is obstinate in getting away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of other beaches in Trancoso. At least you will not have a hard time finding the way, and although it is time consuming, the walk allows for sensational contact with the environment.


During low tide, the waters become much calmer and give rise to a scenery not to be missed at Itapororoca Beach. This is because you can come across fantastic natural pools, which become true aquariums with countless fish of different shades, sizes and species.

Therefore, you face an immense diversity of underwater life. In this period, the ideal is to have lots of time and a willingness to dive, cool in the salt water and be dazzled. After all, this is a spectacle produced by nature within reach of your eyes!

At the highest part of Itapororoca Beach in Trancoso, you can check out a lot of native vegetation. Due to the constant presence of green on all sides, the region ends up being a point of wild trails. It is indicated that you have a satisfactory physical condition and company of people who know the place.


You can see that this is one of the most isolated beaches in the South of Bahia, is not it? One of the possibilities is to eat in nearby places, such as Nativos Beach. Or even in other parts of the district of Trancoso.

Check out the video below!

According to tourism platforms, you will find the following establishments in the vicinity. Let’s check it out?


Located on Coqueiros Beach, Sandra’s Tapioca can be doubly useful. Because this is an establishment that is very close to Itapororoca Beach and still serves delicious typical dishes.

The cook is very friendly and has the reputation of preparing the best tapiocas in the whole region. It’s worth trying and killing your hunger over there, right?


The Barraca do Jonas, in turn, has a slightly higher structure is one of the best evaluated establishments in Rio Verde Beach. The restaurant has a high gastronomy and reasonable prices. Thus, you will have several culinary options to have lunch and prepare for another day at the seaside.


You could tell that the Itapororoca Beach in Trancoso is not a tourist spot for the most wanted, is it? Of course the beauty of the place leaves nothing to be desired compared to other beaches of Porto Seguro and region.

This tranquility of the beach is due to the difficult access and, consequently, the necessity of walking a few kilometers. However, this can be your private paradise if you are willing to overcome these obstacles along the way.

praia de itapororoca

Probably, you must be wondering what are the options of lodging after visiting this beach of Trancoso. The fact is that you will not find hostels, hotels or hostels in this place exactly.

So, what can you do? Give up your will to recharge your energies and re-approach nature? Not yet! What about a suggestion that satisfies your desire to temporarily isolate yourself from the proximity of the attractions of Porto Seguro? Want to have a sample?

Sounds good, right?

It’s even better! Because Quinta do Sol is located very close to the city’s airport is an excellent option to optimize your trip. When you disembark, you do not have to spend much time in traffic and you can feed yourself, rest and organize your next steps in Bahia.

And from there, just choose your preferences and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime! Here we go?

What did you think of our suggestion for your next vacation? I hope you enjoyed! Before you leave, leave your comments or suggestions below.

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