Uncover the Itaquena Beach: a place blessed by God and magnificent by nature!

The Itaquena Beach is a sensational retreat for those who seek the beautiful beaches of Trancoso during this vacation. Quite long and with breathtaking natural pools at low tide, this region stands out for its natural conservation.

How? This is an area of Environmental Preservation. Therefore, you must be in good physical condition to handle the basic walk. This is because you can not get into the sea with any type of motor vehicle. There is a gate blocking the passage.

However, do not be alarmed by this limitation in your locomotion! The effort is worth to know one of the most beautiful beaches of Trancoso. Do you want to know about this little corner of the Bahia coast? Start by watching this video!

Come with us and check the information to organize the trip, the main attractions and other details about the place! In addition, you will discover why the beach of Itaquena is a paradise for surfers. Come on?

How to get to Itaquena Beach?

The Itaquena Beach is located between the Beach of the Barra de Rio Frades and the Beach of Patimirim. As it is a region protected by environmental law, this beach has some specific norms that limit visitation.

As quoted earlier, you can not get to the ocean with cars, motorcycles and even quadricycles. All vehicles need to be left on the road, respecting the limit imposed by local authorities.

Praia de Itaquena

By the sea, you can reach Itaquena Beach on foot from Patimirim Beach. In all, this distance can reach up to ten kilometers of hiking leaving still of Coqueiros Beach.

According to indications in social networks and tourism platforms, is to begin its journey in the Center of Trancoso. However, you should not do this path any day, no! It is essential to follow the cycle of the tides to enjoy and be dazzled by the beauties during low tide.

Were you impressed by your efforts to reach the beach? Calm! The truth is that you need to have enough disposition and physical fitness to do this walk in the sand. After all, it’s about 10 kilometers!

That is a considerable number indeed. So, who is not accustomed to walking so much should not put the Itaquena Beach in the itinerary of trip? Yes you can! But, you should be aware of this possibility even to reserve an appropriate time to visit and enjoy this natural nook.

In addition, you must schedule yourself properly and schedule some stops along the way. Well, you will be in a breathtaking scenario and nothing better than to set aside some time, right? Surrounded by natural beauty, you will have time to enjoy the surroundings and relieve fatigue.

The wonders of Itaquena Beach in Trancoso

As previously mentioned, Itaquena Beach is located in a space with restricted access. Therefore, the area is not as much on tourists’ radar as the other beaches of Porto Seguro.

Adored by surfers, the beach ends up attracting the attention of people who genuinely want to intensify contact with nature. Whether it’s taking advantage of the waves or the adventures on boardwalks. The Itaquena Beach does not have the same infrastructure, but it compensates in the natural spectacle.

Praia de Itaquena

This is one of the beaches with the complicated sand tracks to explore on full tide days. With very white sand, you will marvel at the emergence of numerous pools at low tide.

The spectacle is even more impressive due to the corals and the environmental preservation of Itaquena. Another tip is to go to Ponta of Itaquena Beach, where there is a concentration of corals and pools. You can tell that there is paradise lost in time!

Therefore, the ideal is to take advantage of the isolation of the place and to recover its energies amid the silence and quiet. And, obviously, you must respect all the rules of Itaquena Beach in order to conserve all that splendor!

Itaquena Beach in Bahia: Surfers paradise!

Anyone who enjoys surfing knows that the beaches of Porto Seguro do not have many waves. However, the points to catch waves are really good! Because of this, many passionate about the sport move to the Beach of Itaquena in Trancoso!

Because this spot reserves the waves of up to five feet and considered the best for the modality in the region. The passion for surfing is quite new in this small part of Bahia, since the first interested ones began to appear approximately two decades ago.

However, the beach is a true paradise for both experienced surfers and those who are catching the first waves. Well, the waves break almost all year round. The tip is to try to avoid the months of January and February, while July and August occur the local tournaments.

Although Itaquena Beach is taken during this period, there are incredible attractions. The Surf Party promotes the award of the best surfers and there is still time for follow-ups on the full moon. Events merge the sport with lots of music, bonfire and guitar.

An incredible schedule for anyone who falls in the water or just likes this quiet climate and integration with nature. You can not refuse, right?

Where to stay in Itaquena Beach in Bahia?

Probably, you should be aware that you will not find lodging options in Itaquena Beach. Well, there are no inns, hotels or pensions on the site. So what to do?

You can program yourself and get to know all the beauties of the coast as far as the bustle of Porto Seguro.

The Quinta do Sol Hotel is very close to the airport and an excellent option for both logistics and to optimize your time. After all, you’re in Bahia and you can not waste a minute, right?

Then, pack your bags and take off from a natural refuge hidden in the coast of Bahia called Itaquena Beach. Did we get all your doubts out? So, enjoy this content for your friends and family on social networks! For sure, they will love the suggestion!


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