Arraial d’Ajuda: The Absolutely Complete Guide for Smart Travelers

What to do in Arraial d’Ajuda

The village has practically two main streets, the Mucugê and the Bróduei (that makes a joke with the Brodway of New York). Rua do Mucugê in Arraial d’Ajuda brings together most of the restaurants, inns, bars and shops, and offers a very pleasant walk in the light of the moon and the starry sky. Later this area boils, mainly in the season, and the party can enter the dawn until the sunrise, the following morning. Therefore, who still does not know what to do in Porto Seguro at night, a jump in Arraial is a hint of gold!

Alley of Colors

The Beco das Cores, which is in the middle of Mucugê, is a must. Charming and colorful, it offers good gastronomic options, live music and bar. While the Bróduei is a street that had its moments of glory when it was the main point of the night of Arraial during the 1980s and 1990s. However, in recent years it has been losing space for the charming Mucugê, despite still gathering many people during the summer.

Eco Water Park

On the beach of Mucugê, which is at the end of the street of the same name, there is a polo of fun and entertainment for the whole family: the Arraial d’Ajuda Eco Park. Inaugurated in January 1997, the complex has toys, water slide, inflatable float ride in a swimming pool, wave pool, volleyball courts and sand football, and for those who like adventure, the park does not leave anything to be desired.

The zipline is cool in the belly: they are 144 meters long at a height of 20 meters! In addition, it has tree climbing, climbing and abseiling. Children can play on the miniature zip lines and mini climbing wall. Eco Park runs daily from 10am to 5pm and parking is free (accommodates up to 200 vehicles).

Historic center

For those who like a bit of history and architecture, the center of Arraial has buildings listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), such as Nossa Senhora d’Ajuda Church, built in 1551, and now surrounded by colorful houses. The gazebo nearby also provides wonderful views and scenic photographs, even more so with the wall covered by ribbons of Senhor do Bonfim – typically Bahia.

Beaches of Arraial

For those who arrive by ferry, the first beach of Arraial is the Fog Fire, followed by Aracaípe, Mucugê, Pitinga, Lagoa Azul and Taípe.

Praia do Apaga Fogo

Erase Fire is bathed by the crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean and also by the waters of the Bunharém River, which divides Arraial from Porto Seguro. The sea is calm and during the low tide, natural pools are formed ideal to relax and enjoy the look. Beach stalls provide food and beverages and also offer rental equipment for water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing.

Beach of Araçaípe

Just next to it is the beach of Araçaípe, with a calm, calm sea, of pleasant temperature and that at low tide also forms natural pools. In addition, Araçaípe is full of coral reefs and its sands are decorated with thousands of shells.

Mucugê beach

Next comes the Mucugê Beach, which bears the same name as the main street of the village and is one of the busiest. Due to the proximity to the centrinho, it is the one that offers more infrastructure for tourists – day and night! There the visitor will find bars with drinks and snacks, coconut water, drinks, street vendors and umbrella rentals and chairs. This beach also houses the Arraial d’Ajuda Eco Park.

Uiki Parracho

One of the most popular beaches in the entire region of Porto Seguro is undoubtedly Parracho. There natives and tourists who enjoy a good party gather to dance rocked by the music and the rocking of the coconut trees, with the sea in the background and the blue sky.

The schedule gets even more lively during the season, and the stalls of Uiki Parracho and Cabana Grande are successful. New Year’s Eve at Uiki Parracho is included in the New Year’s national calendar! The Sundance Festival that is held at this venue features great names in national and international music for 3 days of partying.

Parracho Beach

In spite of the famous fame, the beach of Parracho is also very pleasant to enjoy a sunny day and to dive in the calm and pleasant waters of the Arraial Sea and also to practice water sports, like windsurf, Stand Up Paddle, kayak, among others.

Pitinga Beach

The beaches of Pitinga, Lagoa Azul and Taípe have a differential: the cliffs in reddish tones and ocher that surround the sands and the sea. But while the Pitinga beach is more accessible for visitors, Taipu requires almost 2 hours of walking.

Taípe Beach

However, those who make the adventure do not regret it, because Taípe beach is one of the best beaches in Arraial d’Ajuda. The movement is low and the visitor feels practically alone in the paradise of crystalline blue waters, white sand and pristine virgin forest.

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How to get

Quinta do Sol Hotel is only 3 kilometers away from the ferry that crosses Porto Seguro to Arraial. This stretch can be covered by foot, by taxi, by public transport or by car (own or rented). After boarding the ferry that crosses the dark waters of the Bunharém River, the journey takes only 5 minutes. The crossing is quiet and fast, but if you go by car in high season, be aware of alternative times to avoid the queue that sometimes forms when boarding.

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