Apaga Fogo Beach: Tranquility and Beauty in Arraial

Well … that you will be traveling during the holidays there is no doubt, right? Already defined the destination? Not? So, put this name in your script: Apaga Fogo Beach in Bahia.

After all, Bahia is synonymous with sun, wonderful beaches, tasty food and a very receptive people. One of the most beautiful spots on the coast of Bahia is the Apaga Fogo Beach in Arraial d’Ajuda.

Arrial d’Ajuda is a district and Apaga Fogo is one of the beautiful beaches of Porto Seguro.


There are natural pools for those who want to relax, and even a water park for those who want more fun.

Formerly, the fishermen who lived in this region used to go fishing with a lamp lit on the boat.

The fire of the lamp was only extinguished when the fisherman returned to earth.

In this way, it was possible to check if all the boats had already returned to the beach and if anyone needed help. Soon, this beach came to be called Apaga Fogo.

So, do you want to spend unforgettable moments in a heavenly and pleasant place? Do you like tranquility and breathtaking scenery? Then get to know Apaga Fogo Beach, one of the best beaches in Arraial d Ajuda!


To get to the Apaga Fogo Beach, take a ferry from Porto Seguro to Arraial d’Ajuda, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

The ferry crosses the Buranhém river, a large river that is scenery for many photos. Get your camera ready!

The ferry crossing costs around 15 reais for cars and 5 reais for those who is on foot.

Apaga Fogo is the first beach in Arraial d’Ajuda. That is, after crossing the ferry, just a light walk will bring you to this sensational beach.

Check the record of this video path!

It is worth mentioning that the ferry runs 24 hours a day. So after figuring out what to do in Arraial d’Ajuda, you have to take a leap on the beach at Apaga Fogo. This at any time of the day, you are more than welcome!

If you are in Mucugê or Pitinga, just walk to the left of the beach, heading north.

Within 30 minutes of walking, you will already be at the Apaga Fogo Beach.

Follow in sequence the characteristics of Apaga Fogo Beach.


Apaga Fogo Beach is a nature preserve.

Despite being the closest to the ferry, this beach has a very quiet and harmonious atmosphere.

You will not see beach umbrella everywhere or beach vendor to and fro. It’s total quiet, as you can see in this video.

The strip of sand is very clean and the sea has several shades of color. Apaga Fogo Beach contains many coral reefs, and during low tide it is possible to see many of them.

Still, you can walk and get to the side of the reefs.

The conformation of the coral reefs forms a kind of barrier in the shallow sea, leaving the waves very weak. Soon, true pools are created naturally in front of the reefs.

Enjoy, because the place is very calm and the water very warm! Want to know what awaits you?

Watch this very short video!

One of the most beautiful landscapes of the beach is the point. On the left side of Apaga Fogo Beach, there is the encounter of the Buranhém river with the Atlantic Ocean.

This place forms a spectacle of colors and a fantastic natural life. It is worth to enjoy this environment during your tour.

In the late afternoon, the photos are more than perfect!

The beach of Apaga Fogo has a climate very similar to the beach of Pitinga, however it has easier and faster access.

The contrast of the sea with the coconut trees on the beach makes the beach of Apaga Fogo a postcard of Arraial d’Ajuda. Come and enjoy your holidays on a beautiful and serene beach.


At dawn, the tide is shallow and the sea calm. Therefore, the morning period makes it the ideal time to take a walk along the beach.

Children will love a quiet space on the sea to play at will. In addition, parents will be comfortable knowing that their children are more secure.

By having a calm aspect and warm temperature, the natural pools of Apaga Fogo Beach are also great options for the elderly.

As the day goes on, the tide goes up and the sea gets a little hectic. You have to be careful, because the strip of sand on the beach is greatly diminished.

But that does not take away the peace and well-being of those who are enjoying the Beach of Apaga Fogo. Quite the contrary, the tidal oscillations is one more call of this beautiful paradise!

Another caution is in relation to sea urchins. These marine animals have large spines and usually appear when the tide is very low. So keep an eye out!

Check out some tips on where to eat and what the great attractions of the beach of Apaga Fogo!


There is not much choice of where to eat on the beach at Apaga Fogo.

So you need to schedule ahead!

However, the Barra Aquarela is open to the public. In fact, the escondidinho of manioc with vegetables is very well spoken by the tourists. It is worth checking!

However, if you just spend the day at the beach, it is recommended that you bring something to eat. But for that it is simple to solve, because as the beach is near the ferry, you can buy food in one of the markets of Porto Seguro before making the crossing of the Buranhém river.

It is important to note that the number of peddlers on the beach is very small. You’ll even find some salesman passing by, but this is not common.

As described, this hampers the “starving” side, but on the other hand leaves the Beach of Apaga Fogo even quieter to attend.


In addition to the natural landscapes, such as the beach, the coral reefs, and the pools that form, there are other attractions for visitors.

It is possible to rent a kayak and take a stroll through the calm waters of the beach of Apaga Fogo. Performing a physical activity in the water, such as paddling for example, is great for getting to know the beach from another angle.

Many enjoy windsurfing. In the region there are favorable winds for the practice of this sport and the sea is very calm. Therefore, venture in this activity and do a nautical sport on one of the most beautiful beaches in Arraial d’Ajuda.

On the beach of Apaga Fogo there is also a water park. You and your family can spend a very different day there. Take your kids and enjoy the water slides and wave pools that the park offers. It’s fun for everyone!


If you know what to do in Porto Seguro, but want something quieter, the Apaga Fogo is one of the best options in Arraial d’Ajuda.

The beach of Apaga Fogo is ideal for going with family and children. Being a small and calm beach, everyone can enjoy the holidays with freedom and security.

Praia do Apaga Fogo

So, if you are in the mood for quiet, beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, come to Apaga Fogo Beach in Arraial d’Ajuda.

Ready to enjoy your vacation in Bahia? So why not show these tips to friends and family to make a trip in great company?


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