Parracho Beach: Delight yourself with the attractions

Parracho Beach in Arraial d‘Ajuda is known for its natural beauty.

Besides that, a big hotel located in this beach always has many concerts from known artists.

With famous nightclubs, Parracho Beach is always full of young people looking for some fun.

The stunning landscape of Parracho Beach is very similar to those from Pitinga and Mucugê, beachs located close to Parracho.


In addition, the beautiful coral reefs and the colours of sea water can enchant any tourist!

And natural pools will make your trip unforgettable.

Do you want to know why?

Take a look in this post and stay connected to what happens in Parracho Beach, Bahia.

It has all the tips about how to arrive, accommodations, attractions, and more information about this paradise.

Are you ready to find out what to do in Arraial d‘Ajuda and have a lot of fun? Then, let’s go!

How to arrive?

Parracho Beach is located a lit bit after the city centre, going South.

To get to it, it is necessary to take the ferry that crosses the Buranhém river, from Porto Seguro to Arraial.


This crossing takes just a few minutes and you can take amazing pictures all along the way!

After the crossing, you just need to go toward to the centre till Pitinga road.

Parracho Brach will be the first one on the right, after Mucugê Beach and before Pitinga Beach.

Know more about Pitinga Beach. LINK?

Since Parracho Beach, in Porto Seguro, is a place with a lot of parties and events, it is important to highlight that the ferry works 24h a day.

Check out some images of it and marvel at the beauty of the place!


So, you do not need to worry about returning to Arraial Beachs.

Additionally, a lot of small buses have this route, from Arraial centre till the ferry, being a good way of walking around.

On concert days, it will be even easier to go from one way to the other.

If you are in Taípe or Pitinga Beach, you just need to walk to the left side of the beach and in few minutes you will be in Parracho Beach.

If you prefer, click here and check all information about Taípe Beach. LINK?

Beach Attractions

1 – Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs are a big marvel in Arraial d’Ajuda. These rock formations are delicate barriers along the shore.

This way, true natural pools are formed daily.

In Parracho Beach it is not different.

2 – Natural Pools

During the morning, when the tide is low, it worth to relax in the natural pools. The corals reefs that protect these pools brings a unique look to the beach.

The warm and calm water are ideal to enjoy the sea.

In other words, you can just relax and enjoy the paradisiac scenario. Is it an amazing holiday or not? Check the video below so you will have no doubt!


Specially children and elders can be in a safe environment to refresh themselves from the hot.

It is just necessary to pay attention to the tide’s changes. As day goes, the tides go up and the sea will be agitated.

It is also possible to enjoy the sea during this period, you just need to pay attention to the rocks.

3 – Tends in Parracho Beach

In Parracho Beach there are a lot of tends that serves as a support for the tourists. They are well organized and have excellent food service.

But, the price is a little bit high, if you compare to other places in Arraial.

If you want to feel the sensation of being in Parracho Beach, check the video below. After watching it you will definitely know your next holiday destination!

4 – Concerts and other events

AS mentioned above, one of the biggest attractions in Parracho Beach are the festive events that brings big concerts to the location.

Big names of national and international music present themselves frequently in this beach. So, young people are very common in Parracho Beach.

You will always find music and happiness in Parracho Beach Tends. The parties usually last for a long period and do not end when with the sunset.

People that visit these bars usually have a lot of energy. So, if you want to feel how these parties are, just play the video!


In the other hand, the beach is ideal for the entire family. If you want a calmer day to visit the beach, you just need to look when the events will happen.

Afterall, usually we avoid these crowds during relaxing holidays.

Pay attention to some details in Parracho Beach

Many tourists have been complaining about trash along the beach.

Due to high number of people in the beach, it is inevitable to find some trash in the beach.


This is a negative point, and it is important to draw the attention of tourists, residents and visitors of the beach.

Other point is that some tourists have complained about the minimum payment in some tends in Parracho Beach.

This is considered illegal and is also pricy, making impossible to have some juice or a quick meal in any place. Be aware of your legal rights!

Parracho Beach: should I visit it?

Parracho Beach is a wonder in Bahia state. Located next to the centre of Arraial d’Ajuda, this beach is a know for the coral reefs and natural pools.

Besides that, the beach is a good option for those who wants to run away from the excitement in the Mucugê beach, of even Arraial downtown.

The only thing that you need to know, is that you will need to pay a little more for things in Parracho Beach.

However, it is important to highlight that it is a high-quality service!

Additional, events and bars make Parracho beach an excellent place for young people. If you want to have some fun, happiness and amazing landscape, then Parracho is your place.

Well, were your tips good to plan you vacations? Please, tell us in the comments below!

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