The Top 5 Beaches in Porto Seguro

The most beautiful beaches in Brazil are in Porto Seguro, without a doubt! The destination of Bahia, no wonder, is one of the most searched and visited year after year. With its natural beauties, breathtaking scenery, warm waters and always brilliant sun, if you intend to take a trip and are looking for information on this destination, read on!

The city of Porto Seguro is full of many tourist itineraries to walk. Again, it is worth mentioning that some of the best beaches in Brazil are there, on its coast. Traveling to the Bahia region is like stepping literally into a paradise!

In this article, check out what natural wonders to enjoy during your stay and understand why couples, whole families and groups of friends choose Porto Seguro as their vacation destination at different times of life. See also why there is always the taste of “I want more”!

The 5 Best Beaches in Porto Seguro

1. Mirror Beach

The first of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil is Mirror Beach. Located in the district of Trancoso, its natural exuberance is what most attracts tourists with its reddish and red cliffs besides its wonderful natural pools, of course, a great attraction.

The name of the beach refers to the calm sea that reflects the Sun during the day and the Moon during the nights, a picture rarely seen with such perfection, but that is common in this place.

Visitors can either stay in the vicinity or in the hotels and hotels on the beach. To take advantage of the route of Porto Seguro, the ideal is to invest in tour tours made available by the hotel to know the beach instead of paying high prices to stay in it.

Learn more about Praia do Espelho in Porto Seguro – Bahia here and book your tour now.

2. Nativos Beach

Another of the best beaches in Porto Seguro – Bahia, Praia dos Nativos is also in Trancoso; in fact, it is exactly where the river, which bears this name, flows.

Closer to the local village, it is possible to see a greater flow of tourists strolling through its sands as well as typical Bahian stalls to give a special flavor to the tour.

The Beach of the Natives is popular. It’s very common to see shows and DJ’s playing on special occasions, by the way. The soft and soft sand, in these circumstances, becomes a grandstand and so much for leisure.

The beachfront is well crafted, with coconut trees strategically planted to beautify the entire environment. In addition, there are many vacation homes on the coast further collaborating with local beauty, which draws real sighs from visitors.

3. Pitinga beach

Departing to another important district of Porto Seguro, Arraial D’Ajuda also collaborates with incredible natural landscapes for those who seek a mixture of calm and agitation, calm and tanning and all in one place.

Pitinga Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. A little more than a kilometer from the center of Porto Seguro, one of the unquestionable beauties of the region is the multicolored cliffs.

The waters are transparent, which guarantees the visitor an incredible visibility of the corals that surround the coast. Boat trips and activities such as diving are very interesting in this region, as the sea collaborates a lot with these pictures.

The sea is greenish in Pitinga Beach and any photo that is beaten there surely makes it appear that the tourist is in the seas of Cancun, so great is the local beauty.

4. Taipe Beach

One of the best beaches in Porto Seguro Bahia is Taipe Beach, which is located in Arraial D’Ajuda, with its incredible and beautiful “Blue Lagoon”. The landscape that is seen in this region is breathtaking with its incredible cliffs as well as in many other beaches of the Bahia coast.

Fairly preserved, it is worth noting that the beach mixes native forest and human development in perfect agreement. To get to it you need to do a good walk that lasts around 2 hours from the villa. Of course the reward is very good!

But you can rest easy! Among all this walk there is protection. Several tents provide the supply and energy needed for the ride to be completed and for you and your friends and family to enjoy a good day at the beach.

Being each one in its place and respecting the other, what makes this one of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Seguro is the transparent sea, with the semidesert that enchants to all the visitors who venture to know this true paradise.

5. Praia do Mutá

The last among the best beaches on the coast of discovery, in other words, Porto Seguro – Bahia, Mutá Beach divides the municipalities of Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália. Quite cozy and decorated with countless coconut trees, this is the destination of those who want to combine the calm of a good landscape with euphoric attractions, like ultralight flights.

The waters of Praia do Mutá, as in most of the others, are warm and inviting. In addition, they are transparent and allow the visitor to see what is under their feet, providing a true blend of sensations.

The beach is still the address of many tourists who are looking to embark for schooner rides and other boats. Most of the itineraries that leave this destination go to Coroa Alta, a set of natural pools and sand spaces in the middle of the sea and in front of Cabrália.

As it is a busier beach, it is not difficult to find walking options like ultralight among others in this same style. It is also easy to consume in the region, since the beach is full of tents.

Praia do Espelho, Nativos, Pitinga, Taipe and Mutá, besides being the five most beautiful beaches of Porto Seguro, are also some of the most beautiful in Brazil. So it’s definitely worth getting to know them during your vacation.

Want to know more information about tourist itineraries, stays and how to enjoy Porto Seguro well? Enjoy to make a contact and together we will take care of your entire trip!

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