Why you should choose a hotel near to Porto Seguro airport?

Are you planning a trip to paradisiac beaches to enjoy with your family? And beyond that, everything you want to avoid is spending your precious time with the kids in traffic and displacement? Therefore, here is a simple solution: look for a hotel close to the airport in Porto Seguro.

Then, you are reading the right post.

We know that you spend weeks and months stressing out with work. And by the time it is children’s vacation, you just want to enjoy full time next to the ones you love in paradisiac brasilian beaches, just like Porto Seguro.

To optimize each moment of your trip, everything begins by choosing a hotel close to the airport in Porto Seguro.

To make your leisure experience with your family more relaxing, follow the post. Now we will show you the advantages of choosing a hotel close to the airport in Porto Seguro.


We know that those who works a lot want to provide better life quality to family. And for this reason, may need to abdicate daily moments with the kids.

Although it breaks your heart, this is a way to guarantee benefits and comfort to the entire family. Among them, trips to beautiful places such as Porto Seguro.

With the titles of National Historical Patrimony and Natural Humanity Patrimony, this baiana city finds itself among the top 10 brasilian roadmaps to enjoy with family.

I bet that, looking to this picture, you already can imagine yourself there, can’t you?

Coconut trees swinging under the influence of the sea, hot sun to enjoy the limpid e calm sea. Beyond all the baiana sympathy in sightseeing tours and the typical culinary delights in restaurants by the sea.

As beautiful as it is, each minute in this trip counts. Even because right there is possible to compensate the dedicated time you had at work and far away of your family.

And the way to enjoy the fullest of your trip begins by opting a hotel close to the airport in Porto Seguro.


The planning of the trip should begin by choosing the hotel you are going to stay.

And being a international searched touristic destiny the city has different hotel options.

The problem is that many of them have their location far away from the coast, from the airport or from tourist spots. All that can cause discomfort and unnecessary waste of time during the days in Porto Seguro.

For this reason, who pretends to cherish the most of the trip knows that hotel location makes all the difference.

After all, who never got anxious about arriving the destination, but wasted times at the cab to make to the hotel?

Exactly! Who likes to travel knows that wish starts days before taking the plane, right at the preparatives.

Thinking about it, it is possible to shorten the period between expectation and reality. In this case, the best idea is to choose a hotel near the arrival airport.

Especially in cases like travelling during an extend holiday or for just a few days of vacation, or taken small children. For all these situations, it is also perspicacious and assertive choice to prioritize hotels near to coast.


So, choosing the best hotels near to Porto Seguro airport is sure to be an efficient way to avoid most of problems.

After a few hours from the start of the trip, you can quickly arrive at the hotel to check in. And, in a short time, the whole family will be in bathing suits to enjoy the time together and de warmth of Bahia.

When checking out, choosing a hotel near Porto Seguro airport will also make a difference!

So you can enjoy every minute of the trip. And bid farewell to the amenities of the hotel and the paradise city without much time in advance of the return flight.

And if this did not convince you, there are others reasons that will make you sure of your choice. Take a look:



After all, Quinta do Sol is the Best option to enjoy the days in Porto Seguro.

Besides being the closest hotel to Porto Seguro airport, it is located in the heart of the city.

To access it, it is only 6 minutes driving from the airport. That is it: it is less than four kilometers to go.

Located on Avenida Beira Mar, as its name suggests, it allows direct access to the beach.

When you arrive, you just have to across the street and the whole family can already enjoy the soft sand and calm blue sea of Curuípe Beach, quite reserved and protected by the coral reefs.

Already to know the historical center, another advantage. Because of its really privileged location, the journey to the center of Porto Seguro takes only 6 minutes by car.


In addition, among its many benefits and comforts, the Quinta do Sol hotel chain is considered a family-run and quiet place to take children and young people.

Its structure has an indoor and outdoor pool, restaurant and bar, in an elegant and pleasant architecture.

One of its great advantages is the option of family room, which sleeps up to 5 people in a large and comfortable room.

Also the breakfast of the hotel closest to the airport of Porto Seguro is another delicious advantage. And that is very well praised by the guests!

In addition to the typical local foods such as tapioca made on the spot, the already included coffee at Quinta do Sol Beach Hotel includes varieties of fruits, breads, cakes and cold cuts.

Otherwise, if it is the case to answer possible work requirements, it is possible to count on free and high-speed Wi-Fi during the stay.


After that delicious breakfast, it is time to enjoy the pleasures of the beaches of Porto Seguro.

Besides the beautiful Curuípe Beach, there are other beaches in Porto Seguro to enjoy with the family. Among them are Itacimirim Beaches (1 minute driving from Quinta do Sol Hotel), Mundaí (3 minutes from the hotel) and Taperapuã (10 minutes from the hotel), for those who prefer seas a little more hectic.

For a stroll with the family Arraial D’Ajuda, located in Mucugê Beach, is a great leisure option to enjoy all day.

This is where the Ecopark is located. Because it is a water park with wave pools, artificial river to use with buoys, water slides, plus shows and capoeira presentations.

In addition, Porto’s most famous beach “tent” is located just 6 minutes from the hotel. We are talking about the well-known Axé Moi.

This leisure complex is a space that features presentations by Axé and Dj’s, typically from Bahia. In addition to restaurants with diversified meals.

And it does not end there. There are many other attractions that can be indicated by the attentive and helpful team of Quinta do Sol Hotels. Cultural and natural walks await the whole family in this perfect city to enjoy the children’s school holidays.

With our tips it is easy to decide the destination and where to stay for the next vacation. Now remains too little to enjoy all these amenities and the little pleasures of family travel.

Therefore, book your lodging at the closest hotel in Porto Seguro airport. And so, save 10% off your reservation.

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