Trancoso Bahia: The Most Charming Village in Brazil

A good definition for Trancoso, a district of the tourist city of Porto Seguro, in Bahia, is almost obvious: paradise.

The title of paradisiacal place is not only beautiful beaches , which seem to be even a small piece of the Caribbean on the Brazilian coast.

Trancoso has a delicious vibe with an almost magical atmosphere.

Treated generously by nature, the city is rich in vegetation, beaches with soft white sand, and, of course, that clear and crystalline blue sea, where you can swim, dive, recharge your energies and stay in touch with the nature.

In addition, Trancoso also owns Square , a small historic center that is as famous as its beaches.

The little town is also famous for its lively beach clubs, or “beach clubs,” which are decks and tents scattered along the beachfront where DJs play the best of the current music charts and where tourists from Brazil and abroad know each other , dance, have fun and talk.

The walk from about three hours to Arraial D’Ajuda – another Bahian paradise – is also a special attraction for anyone who places Trancoso on their travel itinerary.

What to do in Trancoso, Bahia?

If you are going to visit Trancoso, an absolutely indispensable point is the Square , center of the village that refers to the architecture of the seventeenth century and is very beautiful, pleasant and charming, being a great setting for photos and shopping.

O Square is full of well-preserved historic houses and painted in different colors, giving the scenery a magical and cozy aura. The streets are also adorned with large almond trees that look especially beautiful during the spring

The squares’ houses function as great restaurants and craft shops – and this, in turn, is one of the great highlights of the region.

As most tourists spend the day enjoying the beautiful beaches and just visit bars and restaurants in the evening, most establishments in the region open their doors only late in the afternoon.

Even so, you can find nice and well-priced restaurants to have lunch there.

Choosing the beaches to visit in Trancoso can be a complicated mission, since one is more beautiful than the other.

One thing is certain: they are all breathtaking from anyone! It is possible to take a nice walk between the beaches, go by car taking the exits that do not go through the Square or invest in taxi and motorcycle taxi, options of the city.

Whatever your choice of locomotion, make sure you get to know the Nativos Beach , where the river Trancoso flows and forms a natural lagoon.

There are also some of Trancoso’s busiest beach clubs, with a lot of fun, special and imported drinks, and national and international DJs playing the soundtrack.

In addition to hosting small parties, beach clubs also serve delicious portions, especially the excellent shrimp portions of the region, very large and with large species available on their menus.

Speaking of portions, the most famous ones of the city are those of the tent of the Jonas, located in the Beach of the Coqueiros.

Over there, the tourist will eat the best fish and seafood in the region for a fair price.

Even in the Praia dos Coqueiros, the street vendors bring to the bathers a great diversity of snacks – even lobsters on the spit are at the disposal of the customers!

The coconut water stalls are also prominent in the region, as the name suggests, the beach has a large concentration of coconut trees.

Beaches of Trancoso

Looking at the map, just after the Taípe Beach in Arraia d’Ajuda , begin the beaches of Trancoso , in Porto Seguro – Bahia.

The first, further north, is the Rio da Barra beach , followed by the Beach of the Natives , Praia dos Coqueiros , Praia do Rio Verde , Itapororoca Beach and Ponta de Itaquena .

Check out the 5 Best Beaches in Trancoso, Bahia

  • Beach of Rio da Barra
  • Natives Beach
  • Coqueiros Beach
  • Mirror Beach
  • Caraíva Beach

Praia dos Coqueiros

THE Praia dos Coqueiros , inclusive, stands out for a characteristic that goes beyond the excellent gastronomy: its natural beauty.

In addition to the coconut trees, which give a typical Caribbean atmosphere to the beach, and the blue water and at a great temperature, the Praia dos Coqueiros is also home to beautiful coral reefs of all colors and beautiful exotic fish of various colorations and sizes, which enchant tourists (and even natives!) Of all ages.

Natives Beach

Already the Praia dos Nativos , despite its name, is full of tourists. After all, it’s the closest to the village! As the river Trancoso flows into this sea, delicious tanks for bathing are formed, depending on the tide.

There are also several beach clubs with drinks and snacks, puffs and beach sofas, umbrellas and DJs with electronic music, which provide lively parties during the day in high season.

Beach Rio da Barra

THE Rio da Barra beach is only 2km from the historical center (walking) and is visited by natives and tourists who seek quiet in this landscape of lagoons, cliffs, calm sea and shade of coconut trees.

If you are there and enjoy a night life, it is worth to visit the famous Café La Musique, one of the most popular beach clubs in Trancoso and region, with special emphasis on its special drinks and national and international DJs who celebrate there .

Coastal Ballads

For those who like to go surfing, Coqueiros Beach in Trancoso is also an alternative.

Just a 15-minute walk from the Quadrado, it receives excursions and has many booths and drinks kiosks, snacks, coconut water and seafood such as the Jonas.

It is also in this charming part of the Bahian coast that is the Café de La Musique in Trancoso.

The sea of ​​Coqueiros is turquoise blue, with calm waters and full of reefs, which are apparent mainly in the dry tide.

As the name says, a huge strip of coconut trees stretches along the beach, ensuring the greenish look and refreshing shade under the Bahia sun.

Rio Verde beach

The Rio Verde Beach is the destination of those who seek sophisticated infrastructure, with beach clubs, live music and good gastronomy, but with less movement than Nativos and Coconut trees.

Rio Verde is approximately a 15 minute walk from Coqueiros beach and has a busy sea that attracts surfers and water sports enthusiasts, especially in the winter months.

Itapororoca Beach

Itapororoca Beach and Ponta de Itaquena are paradises accessible only to those brave visitors who are willing to take long walks.

The first one is about 1 hour on foot from the Rio Verde Beach, and the second at approximately 1:30 am.

Ponta de Itaquena, besides the natural beauty, is an Environmental Preservation Area where spawning of turtles takes place.

Therefore, your access is restricted to cars. It occupies an extensive area, and during low tide its reefs are visible and also the natural pools appear.

Beach of the Mirror the Terceira Most Beautiful of Brazil

Finally, in the region there is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the Brazilian coast: Praia do Espelho , which is between Trancoso and Curuípe.

As its name says, a wonderful phenomenon occurs there when the tide stabilizes and the calm waters reflect the immensity of the blue sky in every detail.

Below this reflection, another magic takes place. The crystal clear water reveals the reef of coral replete with marine fauna and flora. Already on the nights of full moon, the reflection becomes silver and becomes a sea of ​​stars.

All this in an environment with infrastructure, stalls and restaurants.

With this setting of natural beauties, year-round heat, good food and singular charm, Trancoso is also a famous destination for wedding parties.

At beaches of Coqueiros , Natives and Rio Verde are the most sought after, especially the resorts and beach clubs like the Café de La Musique, Uxua, Villa Trancoso and Estrela d’Agua.

But due to increased demand for ceremonies in the region, it is advisable to plan ahead and book the dates.

Centrinho and night life

After a day of sun, diving, hiking and quiet, the end of the afternoon is the best time to get to know the historical center of Trancoso .

As much of the local trade only opens after 5pm, getting to know the surroundings of the Square during the day can be a bit empty.

Similar to every Portuguese village, this village grew up around the central square, where the Church of St. John the Baptist is surrounded by a square of colorful houses.

The Church of the Trancoso Square , built in 1656, is simple and extremely charming.

As was the custom at the time, it is facing away from the sea, and just behind the building there is a belvedere with one of the most beautiful views of the region.

The church is open for visitation, but it is not allowed to come in with bathing suits.

While part of the colorful house is still inhabited by locals, another part is currently occupied by handicraft shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, designer boutiques, etc.

When the sun goes down and the city lights are on, this region becomes the “point” where everyone meets.

In the center of the district there are no cars, so visitors and natives walk on the sidewalks of the Square.

It is possible to enjoy the typical Bahian cuisine as well as international gastronomy.

During the season, all the houses open and there is a party for all tastes, such as the forró in São Brás, the Bom Bar bands or electronic music in the Fly Beach Club.

At the end of the tour, if only one day is not enough for you to enjoy all the wonders that Trancoso can offer, the village and paradisiacal beaches will be waiting for you for a second or third day, and also for the next vacation!

Trancoso Travel Vlogs

At the end of last year Luanda Gazoni, excellent vlogueira passionate about recipes, travel and restaurant visits was in Trancoso.

In this video below she tells you in detail about her incredible Trancoso experience.

Many tips on what to do in Trancoso, which are the best restaurants, where to stay and more.

It also show step by step a recipe of the famous Bahian moqueca held by the Hotel Uxuá in Trancoso.

I particularly loved the video, I hope you like it!

Drive from Porto Seguro to Trancoso

For those who are staying in Porto Seguro, but would like to get to know Trancoso, Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel offers a package with a great value, which is an irrefutable opportunity to stretch your trip.


The tour offers a shuttle that leaves the hotel door at around 8 in the morning.

If the weather and the tide are favorable to the ferry, the group has the chance to take a trip through another paradise on the way – Arraial D’Ajuda, a quieter and more tranquil beach that also has breathtaking beauties.

Then the tour continues to Trancoso, where the first stop is the charming square .

In addition to being able to get to know the restaurants, handicraft shops and the church of São João Batista, the tourists that are part of the group will also have a guide specialized in the region that will explain the whole history of the Square and will remove all doubts.

Afterwards, the tour goes to two indispensable beaches of Trancoso: the beautiful Coconut Beach and the popular Beach of the Natives , where the stop will be in one of the stalls that offers its structure for tourists.

There, the group will stop and spend the day enjoying the beach and taking advantage of Trancoso. The return to the Quinta do Sol , in Porto Seguro, happens at the end of the day.

Where is Trancoso?

We’ve already said a lot of cool things about this place, but where is Trancoso really located?

How to Arrive in Trancoso Bahia

Trancoso is a district of the municipality of Porto Seguro, on the coast of the state of Bahia.

For those planning to travel by plane, the closest airport to Trancoso is the Porto Seguro International Airport (BPS).

Trancoso is 76km from the airport.

Due to the flight schedules, most travelers usually stay the first and last day staying in a hotel in Porto Seguro, near the airport.

Because this way the trip is not tiring and you can still know and enjoy the city of Porto Seguro.

The Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel is one of the closest hotels to the airport and welcomes many travelers who have Trancoso as their destination.

To go from Porto Seguro airport to Trancoso there are some possibilities such as renting a car and going on your own, going by taxi, taking a bus or executive vans.

If you prefer to have a little more freedom and want to get to know the region better, it is best to rent a car because it will not be much more expensive and it will certainly be worth it.

If you prefer to walk more and know the area on foot, even if it restricts a little, the best alternative is to go by a taxi that does this shuttle service or take a bus.

It is important to mention that the bus leaves from Arraial d’Ajuda, a district of Porto Seguro, and therefore it is necessary to cross the ferry to Arraial d’Ajuda to catch the bus to Trancoso.

The most common is renting a car or hiring a transfer service.

Are you interested and would like to do this and other tours in Porto Seguro?

Visit the Quinta do Sol Praia Hotel website to learn more about values ​​and reservations.

Remembering that bookings made directly by the site offer discounts and special conditions unique to buyers. Enjoy!

Check Out Other Fantastic Attractions for Your Trip

The region of Porto Seguro has many things to know.

Beaches, sights, historic sites, incredible rides and delightful restaurants cater for all tastes.

Destiny is loved not only by Brazilians but by many other countries.

It is common to find people from every corner of the world in the region of Porto Seguro.

Below we will list other fantastic options that you may know during your trip.

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